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  1. Harry Caray (Cubs baseball announcer). The famous play-by-play announcer leads the crowd in the traditional 7th inning stretch rendition of "Take Me Out to The Ball Game."
  2. Richard J. Daley on a tandem bike with Keith Kingbay
  3. Portage Park (0147) Events - Pan-American Games, 1959
  4. Northwestern University Women's Tennis Team
  5. Lincoln Park Archery Club member, Ann Long (?) and unidentified female archer
  6. Horticultural Society of Chicago, Sixteenth Annual Show, 1907
  7. Mrs. George Brignall holding a bowling ball
  8. Garfield Park (0204) Events - Marble tournaments, 1958
  9. Letter from private investigator regarding the 1919 White Sox World Series scandal
  10. Two boys in boxing gloves sparring at the Off-the-Street Club
  11. Lincoln Park color postcard of lagoon rowing crew
  12. Horticultural Society of Chicago, Fifteenth Annual Show, circa 1906
  13. Barbara Blatchford and her Oak Park High School basketball team, 1912
  14. Mike Royko pitching pennies at his penny-pitching contest, Chicago Daily News parking lot, Aug. 15, 1971
  15. Frances Willard learns to ride a bicycle at age 53
  16. Frances Willard speeds along on her bicycle, Gladys
  17. Frank Woodruff bird class
  18. Zoo Run Run 2015, runners and bison, Brookfield Zoo Chicago Zoological Society
  19. Intramural In-line Hockey, 2001
  20. Gymnasts perform near Landmark Cafe
  21. Otto Graham
  22. Pushball Contest, 1946
  23. Starting Line, 1984 WLS Run for the Zoo
  24. Student on a unicycle at the Illinois Institute of Technology, 1973
  25. Boat rides in South Pond, Lincoln Park
  26. College students playing football, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1956
  27. Dan Hampton and family member in front of Bear Grottos with a grizzly bear, Brookfield Zoo Chicago Zoological Society
  28. Athletics, Women's, Archery 6
  29. Athletics, Men's, Polo 2